Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Ruminatiions of a Geek

Most of us here are addicted. We've seen the technology evolve and evolve again. Consider where we may be in maybe another five years.

Your computer, cell phone, PDA, and digital camera have all merged and you wear it. It appears to be a headset and a pair of glasses. There is a discrete wire connecting them to a small pack worn at the belt. It does not require a keyboard because it is voice activated and has voice recognition. The screen is on the see through lens of the 'glasses.' If you need to know something, it is looked up and appears. You can add to or modify it by talking. A friend is only a request away. Or a group of friends for that matter. Your workplace is wherever you happen or choose to be.

This may sound like maybe you'd like to have a bit of what I've been smoking, but the reality is that all of the elements here already exist and the major trick at this point will be to finish integrating them into a single unit.

Five years? Maybe, it could go either way on the time.
Not me you say, I spend too much time on-line already.
Sure you do, so do I. Know what? We're addicted and YES we will.

Want to help me build one?

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