Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

It has been.....,

A verrrry long weekend.

I've had a storage locker since my previous marriage dissolved. Going from having lived in a house for over 25 years to living in a borrowed bedroom meant that a lot of stuff didn't have a proper place.

This was the weekend to unstore all of it. Three trailer loads so far and one more to go. Half of it of course is stuff that I'll probably never use and need to throw away. The problem though is that other half and separating the one from the other.

I kept unearthing hidden treasures - things that had gone missing for the last several years have reappeared. Most of it of course has gone from locker to garage, but at least the garage is here. Realistically, even if I'm fairly ruthless with the trash bags, it's going to take at least two months to get things sorted and stored or discarded. But the iceberg is in motion.

It's a good feeling - there's been progress.

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