Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

We trashed the heat wave.....,

After a rather cool Spring, with maybe two days that even reached eighty, we managed four in a row that went past ninety five. Tonight that went away rather decisively. We had been outside creating our "garden out of sandy yard" till about dark. Randy went upstairs as I put tools back in the garage and did a bit of sweeping.

The front came through - violently. Branches started flying like something from the Wizard of Oz. I watched as a three foot chunk landed about ten feet in front of me. [I was in the open garage doorway.] Discretion being the better part of valor, the door was closed rapidly and I headed upstairs as well.

Within five minutes, the rains came and supper became a candlelight affair. About an hour later, storm passed, we walked the neighborhood - by flashlight. There were branches everywhere and several trees down. Bedtime was also by candlelight - but without AC, possibly not as romantic as that might sound. We ended up discussing a backup plan for the freezer if the power wasn't back in the morning.

That became redundant at about 2:30 AM when it did come back. We of course knew it because that *%$%$^$% light switch was still in the on position. Five hours out because of a tree over a wire.

... and of course that's why I'm still up and posting on LJ at four in the morning.

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