Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Very unScientific Marketing Research.....,

An LJ friend lives in the south and is coming north for a visit.
The question came up of "What to Bring" for the weather?
I made suggestions, but I also got to thinking.

Winter outerwear is expensive. If you don't live here, it's mostly a waste to purchase something. What if there were kiosks in northern airports that would allow you to reserve and rent for the duration of your visit and then return it. The inventory, fashion, and pricing would have to be right, but for maybe 20% of the cost of purchasing something you could meet your needs and also not have to deal with it either way on a plane.

Has anyone already tried this business model?
Would you as a consumer utilize the service? [Presume that the coats were dry cleaned between rentals - somewhat akin to renting a tux.] Done right, it might also allow one to wear a better quality garment then you might go out and buy.

Thoughts anyone?

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