Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Jeep Repair Rule - Part 2.....,

I just came back upstairs from continuing the repair job tonight. The rule is still in effect.
I'm at the reassembly stage.
The gasket has fresh glop on it.
I had the first bolt in my hands.
I reached for the thread locker, and.....

Now where did I put it?

I know that I just bought a new vial of blue.
Did I leave it in the other car?

Twenty minutes later, with glop drying, and having looked all over everything in a two car garage, and searched all of the hopefully empty parts bags, I moved a couple of wrenches on the work table....
And there it was, within four inches of where it was supposed to be.

I did make good progress.
The pulley and water pump are installed.
The new serpentine belt has been routed.
What's left is to reinstall the radiator, fan and shroud, and to refill all of the fluids.

..... and discretion says that possibly I won't mention to "R" that I had to heat the pulley in her oven so that it would enlarge just enough to slip over the end of the crankshaft.

I do so enjoy working on a car in January.

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