Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Ed Murphy Must be Smiling.....,

I'm the only driver in the household, but I keep two vehicles registered and insured. One is a Jeep to go playing with and the other is a 3 series Mazda for general commuting.
The theory is that if one needs maintenance, the other is always available.
Someone forgot to tell the gods of all things mechanical about the theory.

I have the Mazda in my garage, halfway though changing a half-shaft and a front wheel bearing. It's been due for a while and I waited until the temps warmed up a bit. It's a not impossible task, but also not a one hour job for a casual mechanic.

Yesterday the Jeep started running very roughly.
One look at the plugs gave me at least a part of the reason.
I bought a set on the way home tonight.
It's sitting, cooling, in front of the garage as I write this.

But of course with the Mazda up on jack stands, it will have to remain outside.
So I'll have to use a drop light.
But the job does have to be done tonight - there's no choice.
.... and it's raining.

[But then, you knew that part already.]

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