Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Observation on the Way to Work.....,

I work in a corporate campus.
One edge is a major river.
At the far end of our parking lot there's a small park.

For several years we've been a corporate co-sponsor of a summer concert series.
The first one is this evening, and they were setting up for it as I passed.
There were roughly ten DPW workers with shovels and scoops, clearing the grass because we share the lawn with geese, and geese are - well geese.

I was not the only observer.
Off to the side were five pair of geese - with goslings. There were probably about twenty five birds in all. They were patiently waiting for the humans to leave their lawn so that they could return to grazing.

I'm not sure who prevailed - but I wouldn't give you long odds on the humans.

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