Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

....and the answer to last night's question is -----,

I was staring at this hole in the side of a hill.

.....and I was waiting for this to show up.

N&S #9403 leading a string of seventy five empty gondolas into the western entrance of the Gallitzian Tunnel. Completed in 1853, it was built by 400 Irish immigrants from County Cork. In combination with Horseshoe Curve on the other side, it opened up the western side of the Alleghenies to rail traffic. Before this was built, the only way to move cargo across the mountain was a six hour trip up an inclined plane, pulled by a cable, and powered by a stationary steam engine.

This is such a historic spot that the fence has deliberate, designed in openings to serve as camera ports. I had company. Another railfan was standing at the next port over. His wife was there as well. She had the good sense to have brought a novel along to read while we waited.
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