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My Cable Modems

There are two in this home. Neither will connect to the network !
The TVs work fine.
Called the company, she checked, said, "yes they are not connecting."

I knew that !

"What do we do about that?"
"I'll send a tech to check it out"
"When will he be here?"
"Monday, between 8:00 and 12:00"
"I'm down now, is there nothing sooner?"
"No, not for a residence."
"... and if it is your fault, not ours, there will be a $50. charge."

There damned well better not be. I played their game, purchased and paid for two separate modems and two service fees. No router or switch in the circuit. The only common part is the wire to the pole. And, of course, the software has not been touched on either machine.

I am NOT pleased.

... and, they are a monopoly.

At the moment, I'm glad that I left the plain old copper circuit in place and turned on. Even if it is 56k.
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