Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

My Computer Desk is a Mess.....,

I've been working on a photo project.

There was a midnight deadline for submission.

The uploading process is complex, and took nearly an hour. If it could go wrong - IT DID!

But, everything did make it, the entry was accepted, and the confirmation on my application fee was time stamped with ninety seconds to spare.

Not quite the way that I intended, but I'll live with it.
[No one ever asks the Doctor if that diploma on the wall came with "A"s or "C"s - it's only the result that counts.]

I'll know the result on this one in roughly six months. It's a long shot - over 1,000 very good competitors - but I'll challenge anyone, just for the fun of it, and I know that mine is good. That means that if they want it, they'll have to be better, and really that is what the whole of life is all about.

Me? I'm off to bed.
The cleanup can wait till morning.

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