Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

I Worked in My Garage Today.....,

I was there for more than six hours.
I didn't work on what I went down there to tackle.
Instead it was pick up/straighten up/sort/clean/put like things with like and put them away. I sharpened and oiled several hand tools.
[Wow do I have a lot of pairs of pliers - more than a dozen.]
In the end it was OK, what I did was at least as important.
The work on the Jeep will go faster for not having to have to go searching for the right tools.

I started doing an informal inventory. A long delayed ground up restoration project will happen in the fall and winter. Parts have been in storage in three different locations. I'm gathering them in one place, trying to decide if anything is missing, or is too far gone and has to be replaced.

Other than routine maintenance, I haven't wrapped my head around a major automotive project in more than ten years. There's a special smell to old lubricants. I can't say that I love it, but I can say that I've missed it.

If there's nothing major that I don't already know about, I just might have her back on the road by about this time next year.
[Yeah, I know, there's always slippage...]

She deserves to be.
She was born on Sept. 12th, 1964.
I've owned her since new.
She and her brethern are rare.
[There were fewer that 830 ever built, and that was a decade's production.]
She's special.
Elva [She goes.....]

....and, if you've ever wondered, she's how this journal got it's name

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