Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Noted with Happiness.....,

I was on CNN's web site today and read a brief article with eight photos attached. The steel work is rising and One World Trade is now four stories above street level.
I watched them build the originals.
I watched as they came down.
Seeing the replacement in concrete and steel instead of print in a newspaper is an important part of the healing process.
It's real.
There is hope.
We got caught by a sucker punch, but we were not defeated.

There's to be a trial soon - a verdict - and likely an execution.
I'm not particularly vindicitive, but frankly using some of that steel work to support a noose makes a whole lot more sense than a needle.
At the very least he should be made to stare at it as he feels the chemicals enter his body.
If you find that extreme of me, I'm sorry, but please stand in my shoes.

I'll not apologize.
I lost three.
I don't know anyone living here that didn't lose at least one.
... and yes we all take it very personally.

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