Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Things That Hopefully Don't Go Bump in the Night .....,

One of the joys and hazards of living alone is that there are occasions when one does not always pay attention to life's more ordinary details.
You start in on a project, or three.
Things such as "clocks" and "meals" are sometimes forgotten or ignored.
Thus it came to pass this evening morning that somewhere around 2:00 AM I came to realize that possibly I should have consumed an evening meal.
Not to worry, the refrigerator is full of things, leftover and otherwise.

"Let's see...."
An open can of sardines.
Slices of swiss cheese.
Very thin sliced oatmeal bread.
A choice of several varieties of mustard.

It seemed like a good idea, and actually wasn't bad going down, especially washed with an appropriate malted beverage.

"Sweet dreams are made of this .....?"

Good night all.
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