Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Horse Trading Christmas Grab Bag .....,

My family is going to do Christmas dinner on Sunday. That way everyone can do in-laws today and be there two days from now.

I've prepared 21 identical envelopes.
They are numbered on the outside from 1 to 21.
All have at least a coin, and the coins have been taped to index cards so that you can't tell from the outside what you have.

6 have only a one dollar coin inside
15 have a one dollar scratch off lottery ticket inside.
Each with a ticket also has a coin.
2 have a $1.00 coin.
4 have a $.25 coin
4 have a $.10 coin
4 have a $.05 coin
1 has a $.01 coin

The envelope with the ticket and the penny is numbered higher than 5, but I don't know what number it is.
Everyone will get to pick an envelope out of a bucket.
Initially no one may open their envelope.
Anyone may claim the envelope of someone else with a lower number by exchanging theirs.
At that point they assume the lower number.
No one may counter claim their former envelope back on the next round.
After the first round of exchanges, each participant may opt out by opening their envelope, or they may continue into the next round. Once an envelope has been opened, it may not be claimed.

It's my first attempt at doing something like this.
Let's see if it can be pulled off without starting a whole set of feuds.

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