Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Thoughts on Today's Market ... ,

Many of you know that I am employed in the back office of the brokerage side of a major international bank.
I do not trade for clients or my firm, but do trade for my personal account.
Last weeks action was problematic,
I went from a very nice profit to a small deficit in the span of three days.

Today's action took me in the opposite direction.
The loss was erased and I'm now showing a gain again.
I'm not quite back to where I was, but I would describe the number as "comfortable."

To celebrate, I treated myself to sushi for dinner.
I spent a whole $5.99.
It doesn't take much to keep me satisfied.

... and, I long ago learned that the only number that counts is the one on the trade confirmation when you sell. I haven't done that yet, and paper [or pixel] profits can't be spent.

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