Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

I Worked on "C"s Morgan Today ... ,

It's a very pretty yellow 1966 plus four competition model.
I helped her find and buy it three or four years ago.
It's been nicely restored, but to practical specifications, not concours. I'm totally in agreement with that decision.

She had not run it over the winter and it would not start this spring. On an earlier foray I had corrected several small things, but we belived that the fuel pump was gone. A proper mechanicl replacement is not currently available, so we went with an electric pump, right next to the tank. There was more than a bit of cut and fit engineering in the conversion.

At 10:45 PM I turned the key.
It caught immediately, and it idled smoothly.
That is a very good feeling.
It validated the diagnosis,
It removed a project from my plate,
But most of all it gives her a toy to go play with for the summer.
[Getting tall slim blonds into yellow roadsters is definitely to be encouraged.]
[She also has another toy. That one only the dealer works on. Porsche 911s require specialized tools and knowledge.]

In the morning I work on my MGB.

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