Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Continuing on Today's Theme ...,

I went out the door a moment ago to move the Jeep for the night.
I picked up a shovel of course to clean some of the snow that had tumbled back on the sidewalk.
I looked down the block and three houses away a truck was parked in the street, lights on, motor running. The owner - a landscaper - was operating a snow-blower, clearing the sidewalk. [At 11:45 PM]
When he was done, the machine went back on the trailer and he drove off. The engine on the snow-blower was still going. There was more snow to clear elsewhere.

I'm sure he's tired - probably been doing it since the snow stopped at 5:00 AM.
I'm sure his wallet is in pretty good shape. The going rate in this neighborhood is $50.00 to do a driveway, the walk to the house, and the one in front - that's maybe 30 to 45 minutes.

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