Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Because I Could ...,

I went outside this afternoon and shoveled snow and ice.
This was the second level clean up - the rest of the driveway, the stuff that had fallen back on the walk, a cut across the curb strip so that I could get out to the Jeep without walking all around or through.
It also included clearing the entrance to the side door, and from there, around to the back, up the steps to the deck, and enough to get to the back sliders.

I looked at the grill, under its cover and with a foot of snow over that.

It was just so "right."

The snow came off, the cover came off, I opened the valve on the tank, and it lit on the first attempt. I really hadn't planned for it, but the freezer yielded a couple of frozen chicken breasts and some shrimp. The fridge had some yellow squash, a red bell pepper, a zucchini, and the pantry had the onion. They all went on the grill.

The rest is now past tense, and there's a nicely contentented Dave watching the Pro Scrimmage Bowl and working on my second craft brewed wheat beer.

As I said, it all just seemed so right.

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