Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

This House is Chilly Tonight ...,

I noticed last night that the oil tank was low.
I called today, and she said that we were scheduled for a deliver tomorrow morning.
Unfortunately, that was about a twelve hour mis-calculation.

We ran out at about 8:00 PM
It will get down to 10F outside.
We won't get that low - there's a gas fired stove and oven - but we'll be colder before we are warmer.

I called the emergency number.
He said, "ASAP" "but."
The "but" is that there are about fifteen ahead of us and it will probably take until 3:00 AM.
And I have to sit up in a cold house waiting...

I am not a particularly happy - or warm - camper.
It's all growing just a might bit old.

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