Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Fun Stuff ...,

It was 7:30 Saturday night, no particular plans, and we hadn't even considered what to eat.
I turned to "C" and said, I'm going to check the Stanhope House, what do you think?"
We liked the act, http://www.shadetreemechanicsband.com/ said yes.
I picked up the phone and called "R" and his wife "E" , said "We're going, meet us, she said yes." and they did.

The beer was cheap, the place was crowded [there was a second band playing on the other stage.] The menu is basic - anything that you want, as long as we can prepare it in a fryer.

Our band was half rock, half blues, very loud, and damned good.
We danced.

It was exactly as billed - a great American Road House.
In NJ - of all places.

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