Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Last Night's Fun Stuff ...,

"C" makes her living as a professional classical musician. Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing her on stage at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center as a member of the Opera Orchestra of New York. This is one of several orchestras that she's been playing with for many years, and, while it is not an every day occurrence, Avery and Carnegie are as common for her as my office cube to me.

The bill was French Grand Opera - L'Africaine - by Giacomo Meyerbeer, and first performed in Paris around 1865. It has five acts and, with one intermission, took approximately three and one half hours to perform. The singers were world class, the orchestra was excellent, and the chorus far beyond merely competent. The music was beautiful, and the libretto - in French with projected subtitles - was..., an opera libretto. [For those that are not familiar, I've often maintained that if a typical one takes more than five minutes to write, someone is padding the payroll to enlarge their paycheck.]

So, the box score:

A complimentary eighth row center seat in the orchestra section of the hall - unbelievable.

Parking, for ten dollars with a coupon, in a garage within two blocks of the theater - outstanding. [Without it would have been about $45.]

Food and drink across the street afterward with members of the orchestra [and the new conductor sitting at the next table] - wellll......., I did say it was Lincoln Center and I couldn't beat the costs on everything. However my wallet is still intact and less than $100 lighter for a wonderful evening.

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