Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

I'm Still Around ...,

We've been busy, mostly just with the events of life.

One of us now has a Lumosity account - that can be verrry addictive.

We took a quick trip to Lakeland, FL for a five day weekend.
We got off the plane and it was 92 degrees and 92% humidity.
We dealt with that in the most appropriate manner possible.
We jumped into the pool.

Eight members of my immediate family rented a McMansion for a week [There was a chandelier hanging from the twelve foot ceiling in the bathroom attached to one of the two master bedrooms...]

Mom [age 93] was with us and we accompanied her Saturday to a sit-down dinner for seventy five. We were helping celebrate her sister's one hundredth birthday. They're both using canes, but are both extremly sharp mentally. It sort of runs in the family - their mother [my grandmother] made it to 102.

The only down side? Should I mention how much not fun it was to go through the TSA line at the airport at 6:00 AM on Monday - the morning after?

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