Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Sometimes, Things Don't Quite Work the Way You Planned Them...,

I've been working on mom's house.
It's in northern NJ, within twenty miles of the Lincoln Tunnel.
We've been adopted by a family of raccoons.
We didn't particularly want to be adopted by a family of raccoons and decided that a "relocation" was appropriate.
I set a live capture trap this evening - baited with a small scrap of steak.
Within three hours I had my first capture.
Except, he wasn't brown, and wearing a mask.
But he was black and white striped, and didn't say thank you for his steak dinner.

I managed to prop the door open - very carefully.
He's free to go, but hasn't yet.
...and I am remaining inside - with the windows closed - until he does.

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