Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Dave vs the Critters - Day Two ....,

We decided that last night's episode was a draw.
The skunk got a steak dinner, but Dave didn't get skunked.

We tried again this evening.
We moved the trap away from the house and somewhat out into the yard.
We baited it with the raccoons all time favorite food - cat kibble. [Who knew?]
We waited, we checked - no raccoon, and no kibble.
They sent the light weight little kid in, he dragged the dish out to the lawn without tripping the catch, and they all had dinner.
We decided to offer dessert, and even modified the catch a bit.
An hour later, we had an empty trap and an empty dish.
[...and some stuffed raccoons off in the bushes.]
At that point we decided that tomorrow is another day and the trip mechanism will be modifed down to about six ounces.

For tonight, the score is raccoons two, Dave zero.

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