Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Briefly Noted ...,

For those of you that think of New Jersey as the northern end of the Turnpike...

Sunday I was at "C"s home, doing minor maintenance on the pretty toy in her garage.
[It's a classic yellow Morgan 4/4.]
It came out into the sunshine and we gave it a very gentle wash, just enough to remove the dust.
We're standing there talking, and all of a sudden "W" her dog became very alert and protective.
We hadn't seen it, but up on the side of the hill behind the house, less than 100 feet away, a black bear was leisurely walking through.
["W" is more than 100 lbs. and would willingly have gone chasing.]
We watched, he kept climbing, and disappeared toward the crest.
The funny thing was that it was a curiosity and neither of us felt much concern.
... but we both knew exactly where the door to the house was.

This is a wooded but built up community within thirty five miles of NYC.
Bears are not an everyday event, but this is at least the third time in her yard within the past month.

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