Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

My Reluctant Dragon...,

A big part of the reason that I purchased this particular property was the modern, stand alone, oversized garage.
The foot print is 24 x 40 and there's a whole second level - it's as big as many "Cape Cod" styled homes.
There's adequate electricity, but no heat or insulation.

It's winter.
It's cold.
If I was going to work out there I needed heat, so I purchased a 120k btu portable kerosene heater.

Out of the box, I read the directions [!!!], fueled it, plugged it in, hit the button, ... and nothing.
I tried several variants, but it still wouldn't light.
I took it apart, tested the igniter and the connections, put it back together, hauled it [50lbs] outdoors, pushed the button, and it lit - for about six seconds - and then it cut out again - this time with a different error code.

I'd take it back, but I got the last one in the store, and maybe the last one in the vicinity.
They have plenty of gas grills and patio furniture though!

[... muttering, "dirty ruckafrutz."]
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