Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Overnight and Today...,

We set a new low record for this house since I've been living here.
We made it down to minus 14F at about 3:00 AM and stayed there for several hours.
I think that will be it for this heating season, although we will go below zero again.

My oil delivery guy showed up before 9:00 AM and based on what he was able to put in the tank, I had enough for about another four days.
[I also keep a day's worth in portable containers as an emergency supply and can refill those from a station about a mile from here.]

The biggest downside at the minute is that the cold water pipe to the shower froze.
It's in a crawl space, is plex, and I'm warming it as I write this.
But, my anti scalding showerhead won't provide anything unless there's pressure on both sides, so I had to wash out of the basin - a nuisance, but OK.

It started snowing again - dry flakes, and we could see anything between two and six more inches before we go to 38 and rain tomorrow.

There's hope - life continues - and in the mean time I'm off to get some work done on one of the trucks.
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