Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Minus Sixteen Overnight...,

I thought, and wished, that we were done with this nonsense last week.
I was wrong.
At least the extended forecast is a bit better, minus 2 on Friday night but up to a plus 40 on Monday and a relatively low likelihood of anything major falling out of the sky.
This has been putting a major crimp in my "stuff consolidation" plans.
I own more than a few vehicles, and the last three [all British sports cars] are still in a storage garage near my former home, about sixty miles from here.
They will have to be trailered.
My youngest son and I spent most of yesterday working in the cold, prepping them for the trip.
Long term debris accumulates in any garage and we now have just about all of that out of the way.

Murphy of course worked overtime - as usual.
One car can now be moved as is, but one wheel apiece on each of the other two became problematic.
We had to bring them with us last night, clean and re-inflate, and hopefully they'll hold air long enough to get the move done.

We may be able to actually begin pulling as soon as tomorrow.

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