Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

First Call for Breakfast...,

It did "stuff" again yesterday and overnight - some snow, some rain, some sleet, whatever.
The seed tray was pretty buried but a couple of juncos and sparrows made a bit of an effort to uncover it.
I grabbed a shovel, cleared a path to the tray, uncovered it, topped it off, and even added a tidbit of a couple of sliced grapes that were getting a bit old.
Within two minutes of going back inside, I had more than a dozen guests.
First were the juncos and sparrows of course, and then three jays showed up, and also three mourning doves.
The juncos left while the jays were there.
A couple of sparrows stayed, but gave the jays a very wide berth.
One of the jays came up behind one of the doves.
The dove turned its head slightly, muttered, "Don't even think about it," and the jay went elsewhere.
Eventually, things stabilized a bit, and then a crow called out.
At that point everyone headed elsewhere.
But they'll all be back.

We have to get past Friday night, but my forecast is pretty good from there forward - sunshine, upper 30s, then low 40s for at least through Tuesday, and with nothing falling from the sky.
I've even heard a rumor of something called "Spring."
I'm not really sure what that is, I think it's also called "mud", but I'm open to enlightenment if anyone can define it.

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