Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

More Temp and Bird Stuff...,

The ground is still crusted over with frozen snow and it's +1F degree outside at the moment.
There were a couple of early customers at the seed tray, but it needed to be replenished.
I did the usual - refilled the tray plus added a light two foot long swath along one of the boards.
[That way some of the more timid birds could still feed without being pecked.]
I added a treat - some cut up pieces of grapes plus some dried mealworms that I'd bought the other day.
I've also added a hanging seedcake to the mix - also purchased when I re-supplied on Wednesday.

Within two minutes I had customers and within five minutes I had at least six different species.
Sparrows and juncos of course, a titmouse on the seedcake, then three grackles [new yesterday], four jays, and a couple of mourning doves.
The word gets out fast and I have managed to get a few pictures - not sure yet if they are postable.
In the mean time, they're fed, and I'm going to go back to bed.

The seasons are about to change a bit and next week it will be warmer.
That means that instead of snow, I'll be able to complain about slush, followed by mud.
We will not discuss the oil bill at all, or what the electric bill looked like because we were using occasional heaters in the garage while we were prepping to bring the cars over.
[But it was definitely an "ouch" event.]

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