Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

"Who's That Knocking On My Door?...,"

I woke up this morning hearing a knocking sound.
That's somewhat alarming [especially when you're half awake] because I was alone in the house.
I checked the doors - no one there.
I glanced out the kitchen window and figured it out.
My local murder of crows was having breakfast on the deck - four of them.
They were so engrossed that I was actually able to watch without them flying away.
One of them had managed to remove the suet cake from the tray and was systematically dismantling it with his beak against the deck.
His hammering was louder than a woodpecker.
I let them be, it stopped soon enough, and then I refilled the trays for this morning's feeding.

My forecast has "above freezing" temps for every one of the next seven days and on Wednesday there's an outside chance of seeing 50F.
With the snow cover finally melting, it will be interesting to see if I still have as many customers for breakfast.
At the minute, as nearly as I can estimate, I have roughly four dozen on a regular basis, spread among at least six or seven species.
I enjoy them, but of course I don't want them to be totally dependent, and since my seed bill has been holding hands with my utility bill, it would be nice if they both tapered back a bit.

Hopefully by this time next week I'll stop complaining about the winter and start complaining about, "Where did all that debris come from that's emerged from under the snow?"
Now where did I stash my work gloves and the rakes?

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