Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

The seasons are in fact changing...,

Not only is it a bit warmer outside, but my bird feeder customers are changing.
I still have some juncos, but their numbers have diminished.
What I did have about an hour ago was a flock of more than fifty black birds roosting in the trees and devouring everything that they could find in the feeder.

They didn't have the specks that would classify them as grackles.
It was definitely a mixed flock.
Most were pure black - not quite robin sized, but certainly bigger than the sparrows.
One or two had a bar on the wing - similar to a red winged blackbird - but the bar was a sort of cream or buff color.
A couple of others seemed to have a black body, but a muted brownish head.
I'll have to look them up later - the important thing is that they were present.

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