Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Four Minutes, Four Species...,

Normally I fill the bird feeders overnight or early in the morning.
I did in fact do so last night before going to sleep.
But, I happened to look out the window just now and saw that they had been emptied already, so I filled them again.
Within four minutes I had juncos, sparrows, a brown headed cowbird, and two downy woodpeckers.
I could also see a flock of blackbirds/red winged blackbirds waiting in the trees at the back of the yard.

I guess the word is out.
It's rather sunny at the moment, and looks good until you set foot outside.
At that point the breeze reminds you that it is still March.
That first 70 degree day is going to feel very good.
Right now though I'd quite willingly settle for a couple of 60s.

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