Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

A thought for the season...,

I've always been a bit frugal, with a "get it done with what you have," attitude.
[Although I will admit that I have a lot, especially when discussing tools of any kind.]

Our original forecast here was for 12 to 15 inches of snow this weekend.
Snow removal has always been done by me, and with a shovel.
Yesterday I finally "bit the bullet" and bought a quality gas powered snow blower.
Now of course my forecast says that we may not even see four inches of snow.

That's OK.

Reluctantly, I have to admit to my age.
Other snowfalls will happen.
Heart attacks can happen.
Bad backs and shoulder aches do happen.
I'll get my money's worth.
... and in the mean time, I have peace of mind.
Tags: home, snow, snow blower, tools

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