Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

My poor, rather neglected journal...

It's been quite a while since I tarried here.
I've been busy - as always.
I'm still working, but on my own home, so just not getting paid for it.
Last years project was the master bedroom, this year it's a total rebuild of our kitchen.
The floor and ceiling are completed, and 95% of the walls.
The upgraded electricity [outlets and lighting] has been completed
The cabinets and counter on the far side are in, and the main side is under construction.
Today was grouting of the tiles behind the stove.
As soon as that finishes drying and gets a final cleaning, the hood goes back up and the stove goes back into place.

It's been an adventure.
As near as I can tell, the hose was built prior to 1860.
No surface is flat and nothing is plumb.
All cabinets are custom built and with custom dimensions.
It's more than just a challenge.

... but I'm having fun.

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