Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Relaxing on the Deck...,

Ours is on the east side of the house - sunshine in the morning, but shaded a bit later.
We've raised planters with both veggies and flowers, and lattice that supports the morning glories beyond.
It gives a fair amount of privacy without being solid and ugly.

"M" likes to go sit and read in the afternoon.

Our feeders are on the far edge and the birds don't seem to mind.
It's pleasant to watch them.
[Among others, we've about six male goldfinches that frequent the thistle and sunflower feeders.]

But seed attracts other creatures as well, including squirrels - three grays, two reds, and a black.
They mostly leave the feeders alone but vacuum the debris that the birds have dropped to the deck.
They're actually useful because the birds can be picky about the mix and scatter what they don't want at the moment.

However they don't always observe boundaries, and "M" is vey uncomfortable when they get too close.
We needed to find a non-lethal solution.
She now has an armed garden hose very close at hand.
It's much more fun than a water pistol and they've definitely gotten the idea that "human" equals "bath" equals "maybe lunch later."

At least most of the time.
Tags: squirrels

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