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There will be a conversation in the morning...,

This is a rant.

I have a number of credit cards, use them carefully, always pay more than the minimum, and ahead of the due date.
I've had one in particular for several decades and it has a fairly high "line" that they've voluntarily raised on several occasions.
[It's with one of the big four national banks - but not Wells Fargo.]
I share that one with my [adult] youngest son.
He has his own physical card and is responsible.
He and uses it basically as an emergency backup, repaying me as he's able.
It keeps him from over extending on his own cards and away from "payday loans" and similar trash lenders.

This evening he called me.
He's on a road trip, more than 1,000 miles from home, and his wallet - with the card has disappeared.
I did a quick check on-line and there are no unauthorized pending transactions.
Since he didn't have records with him, or computer access, I said that I would call, block the card, and order a new one.

I was naïve !!!

I did make the call, but there was only a general number, and after going down the menu tree, I finally got to "lost or stolen credit cards."
This was at about 8:30 ET.
"Due to high volume there will be a delay...."
"Your call is important to us, please stay on the line..."
"Did you know, our other products..."
"We are still experiencing..."

For One hour, Forty three minutes, and Thirty five seconds!!!!

At which point, with my phone's battery being rather distressed, I hung up.
I went back on the net and found that, by ordering a replacement card, I could block his card.
But, I couldn't just order one for him.
The one in my wallet is now also blocked, both will be replaced, and even my online access to the account will be locked for twenty four hours.

I'm retired, after more than forty years in the financial industry.
We constantly worried about and worked on risk management.

Not everyone always has access to a computer.
Nearly everyone does have access to a phone.

It's ludicrous to me that there wasn't a way to go directly to a human being.

I don't know how much they save by their lack of service.

I do know that it's about to cost them my relationship.

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