A Domestic Question...,

But to begin with — some background.

We live in a rural community. Seventy percent of the town is wooded parkland, we have working farms, hawks overhead daily, deer in the yard are common, and several times a year a bear will come wandering through. 

Our nearest supermarket is about thirteen minutes away [in the next state over] and our preferred market is about twenty in a different direction. With that in mind, we have both a regular refrigerator freezer plus a large upright freezer in our adjoining mudroom.

That freezer started out very organized. But, as things do, stuff came through the door and got put where there was space. The same happens with multi meal cooking and just plain leftovers.  The other day it was nearly out of space and we were both tired of dodging bricks of serving sized tomato sauce in freezer bags that would take aim at toes when the door was opened.

It was time for a cleanout!

We did it together — shelf by shelf — and properly arranged on the fly.

Some wonderous, long forgotten things came to light. Also several, "What the heck is this items as well.

Among others was a very solid package of black angus beef,  that — from the date — was about five years old.

In turn this gave rise to a bit of "marital discussion."

"Throw it away."

"Lets cook it and see what it tastes like."

Soooo, the question is, if never unfrozen, how long can beef be kept frozen?

Answers are welcome from both an outright health and a reasonable taste point of view.



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