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My turn to do a small rant here.....

My mother is in her eighties and now lives alone. My siblings are scattered to several places on the globe. As with any other mother, we would occasionally hear, "you don't call, you don't write..." About two years ago, we solved the problem by getting her a 'network appliance.'
Mom got hooked on e-mail...
Lately, her ISP folded and we couldn't find a new host, so my brother and I put our resources and parts bins together and mom now has a nice computer, with a desk of it's own, and a flat screen monitor, and a cable modem, and it's all custom set up for her left handedness.
We've been putting this together on paper and in fact for about two weeks.
Yesterday, I finished running cable through basement cobwebs and then back up through the floor. Tonight I came over, reformatted the drive, and did a clean installation of Windows XP. This takes a bit of time, but it is the right way for her to go.
We're trying to make it reliable and fast. I even gave the machine a bit more RAM.
We're trying to give mom the "right stuff."

Everything was almost finished, I was anxious to show her the joys of surfing and I went to click Ok and......... nothing.

The machine wouldn't recognize the mouse !

OK I said, I come prepared, and plugged in the other mouse....
... and n-o-t-h-i-n-g, and rebooted, and nothing, and plugged in the third mouse and the thing still didn't work because the *^^&%$^&%$%#()()*&^$#$$%^#$$^%& port is bad.

So I closed it up and turned it off and went home for the night.

But Saturday !!!!! .

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