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I know him only in Death. In life I would have passed him by.

As I left for home last night from the place where I work, I noticed a strange structure at the far end of the lot, near where I often park. When I drew close, I could see that it was a crude, makeshift shrine, to the memory of someone that had died on the spot.

Four trash barrels marked the corners, found posts had been implanted, a blue plastic tarp overall. Beneath, a box, with votive candles inside and pasted to it's side a picture of the young man, enlarged on a copying machine. There was a masking tape to the macadam message, "R.I.P., L. . . . ., AKA Big Fun." two poster card good bye signs, several crosses, a flag, seventeen bouquets of flowers, and twenty three votive light candles.

.... and a steady stream of mourners.

I questioned a sad young man in a red shirt, that had come on a bicycle.

"What happened?"

"My cousin, on Saturday night."
"There was alcohol."
"He fell from his car and cracked his head."
"And died."

"I'm sorry."

"That's alright."

I left him in his grief, and went on about my way.

Life is always too short. It is also fragile and can end in an instant.

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