Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Just a Catch Up....

I was gone for the weekend, visiting in-laws in northern Virginia. It was the right weekend, so we did the Cherry Blossom thing in Washington as well. They're beautiful. They were perhaps three days before "peak." There were lots and lots and lots of people, just strolling and enjoying. I burned about five or six rolls of film. The results will be here eventually. I also burned my face and forehead a bit. There was enough sun for the first one of the season - not too bad and it won't peel, but enough to remind me that it happened.

The challenge as always, is to try to do something as overdone as DC in a unique enough way that it becomes art instead of just record. I'm familiar enough with the city, I worked there for two years in the 80s. We'll see when I get the results back and start to edit - fun stuff.

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