Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Rana Pippins update......

Those of you that have been with me for a little while know that I have a medium large self-dug pond on my property. We populated it with goldfish when we created it and I am pleased to say that at least two dozen survived the winter and have grown to a nice size - six to eight inches. We had also released ten tadpoles and knew that at least three had made it to frogdom. This morning we hit our local nursery and among other supplies purchased an additional three tadpoles and three catfish as well.

When I went to release them into the water, I noticed a couple of frogs on the banks, warming themselves. Then I noticed another, and another. By very careful count, at least eight of the original ten survived. Three are kind of green, four are fairly dark, all about the size that would nicely fit in you palm. I will not worry about breeding mosquitos in this pond.

..... and, then there was one more, Large, dark, and about twice the size of the others - a true bull frog. I am very pleased.

..... We haven't heard them - yet ! ! !

[and yes, I took lots of pictures, they should be back by Wednesday or Thursday and I'm sure they will be posted here.]

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