Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Washing Machine

I'm sitting up late tonight, playing catch up. The nice delivery men from Sears came today with the new washer. The third load made it into the dryer. I am truly amazed how much laundry can accumulate in a week's time. [Normally we do it on the fly, every second or third day.] The bath towels happened first. Trying to dry off with a hand towel in the morning was definitely slowing down the get out the door process. ... and some "where did THAT come from?" stuff was starting to make it's way out of the back of the drawers and closets. I figure if we run straight through, we should get caught up in about a day. The limiting factor is the dryer, which takes longer - and has decided to start squeaking. .... and noooo, I'm not joking, it's squeaking ! ! You can't win, just hope to hold your own

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