Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

The Next Part of His Education.....

I took the afternoon off, picked up Mike, and we went into NYC.

He graduates HS in June. For a variety of reasons, we've agreed that at least initially he will not head off to a conventional college. He wants to make his living as an artist. We found a school that only teaches art, and does so in a rather totally immersed setting.

We checked in at the office, explained our interest, and they handed us a pass and said. "go wander, anywhere you like, with the only restriction being those classes in session with a live model." We did. He liked it immediately, and felt right at home.

The new catalog was at the printers, so we haven't yet committed. But at this point I know that he wants to enroll and think it will happen.

I also noticed one other thing. He seemed to get some especially interested smiles from several 20 somethings.


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