Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Reflections on the trip.........


On Cruise Control......... I've had it on all of my cars since 1988.
I almost never use it, even on trips like this.
I've never quite gotten the hang of picking out the right speed.
I have to keep canceling it because I come up on traffic.
I wonder if there are any roads anywhere that are open enough?
... Or maybe, I'm just always in a hurry.

On northbound cars on I-95 with Florida plates and Silver Haired Drivers.
You don't want to be behind them.
Especially when they are parked in the left lane at 65 mph.
Or maybe anywhere else either for that matter.

On choices - Interstates are wonderfully laid out. As you are driving the road will split ahead.
With the slightest, barely perceptible nudge of the wheel you can choose between two adjacent lanes.
If you choose the wrong one, you can often take an exit and go get on the right one.
Inconvenient and embarrassing, but very do-able.
But the longer you go, the harder it is to fix things.
..... and, if you don't, you can end up in San Francisco when you wanted Key West.
Life is like that, isn't it.
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