Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Me..., epilogue

This one was exploratory, figuring out places we might want to fish on a more serious basis at some time in the future. Mostly it was a chance for Matt, my youngest, to get use to the idea of casting a line in the water. We went out to K-Mart yesterday and bought him a rod and reel. He did his own selection. [...and actually opted for a less expensive one then I might have chosen.]

We were using lures, not live, and checked out a lake and several spots on a pretty good trout stream. We saw some sunnies, but caught no trout. That was Ok because it was still a day outdoors wandering a stream and finding things of interest. At one point we spotted a snake sunning itself on a log in midstream, At another spot, the noise from mating bullfrogs was close to deafening. We spotted at least a dozen in the grass at waters edge within a stretch of twenty yards. On the drive home, there was a black bear in the open, right on the edge of the highway.

I knew in advance that with two labs along, there would be enough splashing that it was unlikely that there would be any real fishing. That was OK. They had their fun, and we'd taken the truck, and also brought four or five towels. It all worked out.

... and yes, through it all, the camera was there. I shot slightly more then two rolls of film.
Be ready for some pics of bullfrogs, very up close and personal.
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