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It ain't pretty, but it's damned near perfect....

Sometimes the gods of fortune allow you to get it right. This week was one of them and there was a bit more available then usual, so I hit a music store on the way home last night. I actually went in looking for a specific CD for my daughter and didn't find it. But I did spot a deluxe boxed edition of "Blind Faith" My first reaction was "huh??" since this group had only released one CD. It turns out that the rest were some previously unreleased alternate tracks and four separate 15 minute jams among the boys. My vinyl copy was long since beyond reasonable usage, so this became a spontaneous purchase.

For those that may not remember, this was a 1969 super group composed of Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Rick Grech, and Ginger Baker. On the original vinyl, there were five tracks on one side and one long track on the other. I played it on the way home. Then again on my good system here with the sub-woofer, then while I had to run an 80 mile errand.

What can I say about "Had to cry today" or "Can't find my way home" or "Sea of Joy" and especially "Presence of the Lord."?
And then you get to "Do what you like" and the only right way to play that is as loud as your ears or your speakers can stand. It's pure energy, classic, not pretty, just so very right.

I'm amazed but shouldn't be. After 33 years this one still holds up so well.

It may not be to everyone's taste, but it sure is to mine.
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