Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Weird Dreams Department.....

Just woke up, can't remember a whole lot of it. But I was dreaming about birds, mating in flight. There was someone next to me and we were talking and watching the birds. I don't remember who it was, not even the gender. There were all kinds of bird species, even a pair of swans. The only ones not in flight were a pair of emperor penguins on the ground. [Don't bother telling me that most birds don't do it in flight, this was my dream and if I say they're able, they're able.]

Wonder what it all means? I didn't particularly have sex on my mind - or at least no more then usual. The only birds I paid attention to yesterday were in some of my vacation pictures, and none of them were swans.

I think it means that I have to follow up by going back to bed and dreaming some more and asking them what they were doing.
Yeah ! On a Saturday morning, that sounds like a plan.

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