Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

A different liner came to port today.

There was another ship today.
She also has twin stacks.
A rarity now.

I remember the times of her maiden voyage from my youth .
She was the longest afloat.
She was the fastest, a record on that crossing.

Time has not been quite as kind to her.
She's been sold, perhaps more then once.
I haven't followed closely.
Her hull is now a different color, and you can tell.
Her name's been changed as well.
But I know who she is.
Up close, some of the plates are oil-canned from so many
years of doing battle with the waves and sea.
The sea always wins of course.

I do not see this one very often, maybe just twice this year.
And, each year, somewhat less it seems.
Too soon perhaps,
She will not be at all.

She sailed back out at five.

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