Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

When you reach a milestone, it's the same as any other marker on the side of the road.

I got up early today, and after a broken sleep overnight I wasn't really in the mood. But it had to be done, just too many chores ahead. Two children to ferry, a dog to the vet, one car for an alignment, another for an oil change, and more stuff beyond that,

The first was easy, dropped Mike off at work.
The second was a bit different.

It was an airport run to start Amanda, my eldest off to summer training with the Navy and then from there on to her senior year in college. It was a quiet run, she mostly slept. She had been up most of the night sorting and packing belongings. When we got there I pulled to "curbside", she got out and grabbed her bags, "Good Bye" from her, "Have Fun" from me. There was no kiss, there never is. We care but just don't express it that way.

What was unspoken was that this was a cusp, a pivot point. She will not live under my roof again.
She will go from school directly into active duty, We'll see each other from time to time for visits, but she's on her own now.

It's a funny feeling, both happy and sad, a parenting project started twenty one years ago has been completed. She didn't turn out the way I expected of course, they never do. But she's fine, and focused, and still learning, and - it's time.

The realization hit me more as I was driving back, some tears blurred my eyes a bit. But in the middle of traffic, you keep on driving. Besides, as I said at the beginning, there are other tasks to be done today.

This is written for me, but I know she will read it. She has her own LJ and we're on each other's list.

Godspeed Amanda -

.... and have fun.

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